Our Vision

Help People In Developing Countries Defeat Poverty

Accessible. Secure. Decentralized.

Traditional loans are useful, but they aren't available to everybody, especially those living in poor countries. Crediture aims to solve this by letting anybody borrow or lend on our platform. Our users are in charge. As long as they agree on loan terms, we connect them — think of it like a marketplace for loans.

Lenders make a good return on their investment and borrowers get the financial boost they need during tough times.


The Power of Blockchain

Crediture is built on the Ethereum network so that it's faster and has lower processing fees than banks without compromising on security.


Ultra FastQuick Loan Processing

Since everything is done online, we are able to process loans much quicker than traditional banks.


SecureProtects Users & Their Money

Every order is filled only after confirmation from the smart contract system. Also, because of the immutability of the blockchain, contract terms cannot be tampered with once agreed on!


Reliable & Low CostMinimal Processing Fees

We charge no additional processing fees, making loans cheaper for our consumers. Since we are a decentralized platform, borrowers and lenders get to agree on fair interest rates for loans.

Our Platform

We Offer Both Asset-Backed & Unsecured Loans

We make it easy for all types of users to borrow and lend on Crediture.

Borrowers who own digital tokens and currencies can use them as collateral and borrow up to the market value of these assets. Borrowers that don't have any assets can make a personal portfolio and outline what they intend to use the money on. As a lender, you can choose what types of loans to take on based on your risk tolerance and desired return.

We support the borrowing and lending of ERC20 tokens like DAI, USDC, and LST.

Asset-Backed Loans

Smart Contracts

Crediture is built on the open-source Lendroid protocol, which uses smart contracts on the Ethereum network to determine loan terms and liquidation details. An asset-backed loan can be taken out using ERC20 tokens and both the borrower and lender must agree on the terms of the loan.

Since the blockchain is designed to be immutable, contract terms cannot be changed once agreed upon. When the value of a borrower's collateral drops below the value of their loan, assets are transferred to the lender's account until that difference is made up.

This ensures the safety of the assets of both the lender and the borrower.